Graduate Student Resources

Advancement to Candidacy/Oral Qualifying Exam

  • General Filing Fee Notes
    • You may want to consider filing fee for your final term. Filing fee is optional (not required) for eligible students.
    • Please read full details about the filing fee here
    • Deadlines to submit the Filing Fee form
      • Aug. 15th for Fall (due from the Department to Grad Div by Sept. 1st)
      • Nov. 15th for Winter (due from the Department to Grad Div by Dec 1st)
      • Feb. 15th for Spring (due from the Department to Grad Div by Mar. 1st)
    • Students on Filing Fee status pay only about $188. Health insurance (GSHIP) is not covered during the filing fee. Students who plan to go on Filing Fee should contact Student Health Services if they wish to purchase the campus medical insurance.
    • MS Filing Fee Form
    • MS Advancement to Candidacy Form
      • MS students must file an application for candidacy to be eligible for the filing fee.
    • PhD Filing Fee Form
    • Student Health Insurance Office
  • MS for PhD Students

    To obtain an MS degree as a PhD student, you must satisfy the MS degree requirements that were in place at the time fo your admission to the PhD program. This includes:

    • For students admitted prior to 2016: 36 units of coursework, and passing a Comprehensive exam made up of 5 courses from 3 different areas.
    • For students admitted in or after 2016: 48 units of coursework, and passing a Comprehensive exam made up of 5 courses from one area.

    Please refer to the graduate catalog and graduate manual from your year of admission for full details and requirements.

    If you were admitted prior to 2016, you may also opt to follow the current catalog requirements.

    Note: If you took the Preliminary exam as part of your PhD program, you may use the courses that you passed towards your 5 courses for the MS Comprehensive exam requirement. However, you may not use "A" grades to waive courses for the Comprehensive exam.

PhD Defense and Dissertation

  • Departmental Requirements and Deadlines
    • Two weeks prior to your defense, you should do both of the following:

      1. Complete the PhD Dissertation Flyer Template with your defense information.
      2. Email the completed file as a word document to
    • One week in prior to your defense, send your written dissertation to your entire committee
  • Graduate Division Requirements and Deadlines
    • Please read the full Graduation Procedures and Requirements here
    • Dissertation/Thesis Filing Checklist - Information regarding filing the dissertation/thesis and graduation requirements
    • Signature Approval Page
      • You are required to submit a Signature Approval Page to Graduate Division.
      • Check out the sample Signature Approval Page, which is the form the thesis/dissertation committee signs to approve the written document.
      • The signed version is not included in the PDF of the document you upload. You'll need to submit this separately, as a hard copy, to Graduate division by 12PM on the posted deadline. You will not graduate without an original version.
      • Only original signatures can be accepted. No scans, e-signatures, faxes, etc can be used to sign this form. All committee members must sign the same page. Students should plan well in advance of the deadline to get the required signatures.
    • Helpful Hints for the Signature Approval Page
      • If you have a committee member who's not local/unavailable to sign in person, please begin the process of having the form signed at least a month in advance. Mailing the form will be required.
      • Some committees are willing to sign before the dissertation is complete and have a trusted staff or faculty member hold it until the revisions are complete.
      • Have your committee sign the signature approval page while at your defense.
      • If a committee member is in another country or far away, email the blank page to them. They can print, sign, and then mail it back for other members. It's best to have the member furthest away sign first.