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Graduate Program - Academics

Engineering Excellence

Our mission is to lead innovation in electrical and computer engineering and to train future leaders to solve the grand challenges of the 21st century.

Academics Overview

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) offers the following degree programs:

 ECE also offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering and the combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Computer Engineering in partnership with the Computer Science and Engineering Department. 

Our courses introduce the students to the latest research and applications in these areas. Our doctoral students are involved in cutting edge research and commonly go on to positions in academia and in top research labs in industry. Our master's programs enable students to specialize in a number of areas in high demand in industry, preparing students with a mixture of solid theoretical foundations and hands-on projects and research experiences.

Calendar System: Quarter system (three quarters comprise an academic year)

Expected start dates by quarter:

  • Fall - Late September
  • Winter - Early January
  • Spring - Late March

For more details regarding UCR's academic calendar, please visit:

All graduate students are expected to carry a full academic course load unless this is pre-approved by the department (approved on their BS+MS course plan, on an approved leave, or on Filing Fee Status). Graduate students are considered to be full-time if they are carrying at least 12 graduate units. Details are found in the UCR General Catalog and the Graduate Division policies here.

International students: Federal regulations governing student visa status require full-time attendance for most international students. Exceptions can only be made by petition through the International Students Office.

Graduate courses are numbered 200+ and undergraduate courses are numbered 199 and lower. Informal Courses (290, 297, 299). 

Please see the latest course catalog for a list of course descriptions. 

Degree Programs

Course Offerings

Please see the latest course catalog for course descriptions.

Fall 2024

This is a tentative course listing that is subject to change.

  • Undergraduate

    Course Number

    Course Description


    EE 005 Circuits and Electronics Vaezi, Matt
    EE 010 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Chomko, Roman
    EE020B Linear Methods for Engineering Analysis and Design Using Matlab Chen, Jia
    EE 30A Fundamentals of Electric Circuits I Ozkan, Mihri
    EE 100A Electronic Circuits I Liu, Ming
    EE 110A Signals and Systems Tuncel, Ertem
    EE 114 Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes in Electrical Engineering Eddin, Anas Salah
    EE115 Introduction to Communication Systems Chomko, Roman
    EE 116 Engineering Electromagnetics Khitun, Alexander
    EE/CS 120A Logic Design Chen, Jia
    EE 128 Sensing and Actuation for Embedded Systems Chomko, Roman
    EE 133 Solid-State Electronics Chen, Xi
    EE 136 Semiconductor Device Processing Liu, Jianlin
    EE 138 Electrical Properties of Materials Haberer, Elaine
    EE 141 Digital Signal Processing Ren, Shaolei
    EE 142 (CS 171) Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining Asif, Salman
    EE 148 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Li, Jiachen
    EE 165 Design for Reliability of Integrated Circuits and Systems Wang, Albert
    EE/CS 168 Introduction to Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design Tan, Sheldon
    EE 175A Senior Design Project Chomko, Roman

  • Graduate
    Course NumberCourse DescriptionInstructor
    EE 201/MSE 207Applied Quantum MechanicsLiu, M
    EE 212/ MSE 212Quantum Electron TransportLake, Roger
    EE 215Stochastic Processes Guler, Basak
    EE/CS 217 Graphics Processing Unit Architecture and Parallel ProgramingWong, Daniel
    EE 221 Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit DesignWang, Albert
    EE/CS 228 Introduction to Deep LearningZhu, Yinglun
    EE 230Mathematical Methods for Electrical EngineersCheng, Ren
    EE 231Convex Optimization in Engineering ApplicationsMohsenian-Rad
    EE 242A/CS 252AComputational LearningRoy-Chowdhury, Amit
    EE 251A/CS 252AData Analytics and ExplorationSalloum, Mariam
    EE 252Data Center ArchitectureRen, Shaolei
    EE 260AAutonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsLiu, Cong
    EE 260BAutonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsQiu, Hang
    EE260CAutonomous Cyber-Physical SystemsSaragadam, Vishwa

Winter 2025

This is a tentative course listing that is subject to change.

  • Undergraduate
    Course NumberCourse DescriptionInstructor
    EE 005Circuits and ElectronicsHosny, El Sherief
    EE 020BLinear Methods for Engineering Analysis and Design Using MathlabChen, Jia
    EE 30AFundamentals of Electric Circuits IEddin, Anas Salah
    EE 30BFundamentals of Electric Circuits IIEddin, Anas Salah
    EE 105Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic SystemsFarrell, Jay
    EE 110ASignals and Systems ISaragadam, Vishwa
    EE 110B Signals and SystemTuncel
    EE 111Digital and Analog Signal and SystemsRen, Shaolei
    EE 114Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes in Electrical Engineering Yinglun, Zhu
    EE 117Electromagnetics IIKhitun
    EE/CS 120ALogic DesignChen, Jia
    EE 128Sensing and Actuation For Embedded SystemsKim, Hyoseung
    EE/CS 131Edge ComputingQiu, H
    EE 133Solid-State ElectronicsLake, Roger
    EE 137Introduction to Semiconductor Optoelectronic DevicesHaberer, Elaine
    EE 144Foundations of RoboticsKaramouzas, Ioannis
    EE 146Computer VisionBhanu, Bir
    EE 175BSenior Design ProjectChomko, Roman
  • Graduate
    Course Number Course DescriptionCourse Instructor
    EE 202/MSE 217Fundamentals of Semiconductors and NanostructuresChen, Xi
    EE 206/MSE 227ANanoscale Characterization TechniquesLiu, Jianlin
    EE 213Computer-Aided Electronic Circuit SimulationTan, Sheldon
    EE 214Quantum ComputingTseng, Hung-Wei
    EE 224Digital Communication Theory and SystemsHua, Yingbo
    EE 241Advanced Digital Image ProcessingAsif, Salman
    EE 246Intelligent Transportation SystemsBarth, Matt
    EE 250Information TheoryGuler, Basak
    EE 255/CS 251Real-Time Embedded SystemKim, Hyoseung
    EE 256Superconductive Quantum ElectronicsCybart, Shane
    EE 260DTrustworthy AI for Autonomous SystemsCheng, Ran
    EE 260E Li, Jiachen

Spring 2025

This is a tentative course listing that is subject to change.

  • Undergraduate

    Course NumberCourse DescriptionInstructor
    EE 003Electronics, Smartphones, and Mobile InternetKhitun
    EE 005Circuits and ElectronicsEl-Sherief
    EE 030BFundamentals of Electric Circuits IIEddin, Anas Salah
    EE 100AElectronic CircuitsWang, Albert
    EE 100BElectronic Circuits IILiu, Ming
    EE 106Programming Practical RobotsKarydis, Kostas
    EE 110BSignals and Systems IISaragadam
    EE 114Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes in Electrical EngineeringEddin, Anas Salah
    EE 116Engineering ElectromagneticsCheng, Ran
    EE 123Power ElectronicsChomko, Roman
    EE/CS 120ALogic DesignChen, Jia
    EE 128Sensing and Actuation for Embedded SystemsLiu, Cong
    EE 132Automatic ControlRen, Wei
    EE 139Magnetic MaterialsOzkan, Mihri
    EE 141Digital Signal ProcessingGuler, Basak
    EE/CS 147Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Computing and ProgrammingWong, Daniel
    EE 152Image ProcessingBhanu, Bir
    EE 155Power System AnalysisYamashita
    EE 162Introduction to NanoelectronicsKhitun
  • Graduate

    Course NumberCourse DescriptionInstructor
    EE 203/MSE 237CSolid-State DevicesHaberer, Elaine
    EE 208/MSE 227BSemiconductor Electronic and Optical PropertiesLake, Roger
    EE 226Wireless CommunicationHua, Yingbo
    EE 232Introduction to Smart GridMohsenian-Rad
    EE/ME 235Linear System TheoryRen, Wei
    EE/ME 236State and Parameter Estimation TheoryFarrell, Jay
    EE 242B/ CS 229Nonlinear Systems and ControlAsif, Salman
    EE 243Advanced Computer VisionRoy-Chowdhury
    EE 244Computational LearningBhanu, Bir
    EE 245Advanced RoboticsLi, Jiachen
    EE 260F Chen, Olivia
    EE 260G Zhu, Yinglun
    EE/CS 277Data Centric Computer ArchitectureTseng, Hung-Wei