Message from the Chair

Amit Roy-Chowdhury - Department Chair
Amit Roy-Chowdhury - Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Riverside (ECE@UCR), one of the youngest such departments in the country. Having graduated our first class in May 1994 and started our PhD program in 1997, ECE has grown to house more than 300 electrical engineering and 250 computer engineering undergraduates, as well as about 200 graduate students. We have 30 regular faculty and a number of research and teaching faculty; they educate one of the most diverse student bodies (about 38% of our students come from under-represented groups) and conduct world-class research ranging from nanomaterials to robotics. 12 faculty members are Fellows of the IEEE (as well as other professional organizations) and 12 have received NSF Career or other Young Investigator awards. The department was ranked 24th in the National Research Council’s average S-rank.

The undergraduate curriculum in ECE provides students the breadth and depth necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing technological climate. The areas that students receive exposure to and can specialize in are communications, signal processing and networking; controls, robotics and machine intelligence; embedded systems and VLSI; nanotechnology, advanced materials and devices; and power engineering. Our graduates have gone to successful careers in industry, and many have chosen to pursue graduate and professional degrees.

Our faculty and graduate students are known to conduct research at the cutting edge of science and technology, regularly publishing in the very top journals and conferences, and winning grants and contracts from some of the most competitive and prestigious programs in the country. This includes, but is not limited to, the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, as well as private corporations. The research expertise of our faculty include:

  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Controls and Robotics
  • Computer Engineering, including real-time and embedded systems, computer architecture, VLSI, and internet-of-things
  • Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, including machine learning, computer vision, and intelligent transportation
  • Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Circuits, and
  • Power Systems and Smart Grid

In 2017-18, department faculty led 85 new research grants totaling about $12.3 million, and supported research expenditures of about $9 million, providing many funded research positions for graduate and undergraduate students. Our faculty and students have access to world-class facilities in nanofabrication, microscopy, imaging, robotics, and transportation systems.

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you will keep ECE@UCR in your future plans.

Amit Roy-Chowdhury, Professor and Chair