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Control and Robotics

Modern life is surrounded by automation. From car manufacturing to smart thermostats and home cleaning robots, devices that can sense, reason, and act upon the physical environment are rapidly becoming commonplace. Central to the growth of automation are the fields of Controls and Robotics. These are exciting fields to be in, offering many opportunities to establish connections with industry, government, research labs and the general public, and to prepare a well-educated workforce that can address current and future societal challenges related to automation.

The ECE Department at UCR features a diverse body of faculty that conducts cutting-edge research in Control and Robotics. In Controls we create the fundamental understanding of how to enable automated behaviors of smart devices. In Robotics, a class of smart devices, we conduct fundamental research to enable robots to better perceive and operate in variable and uncertain real-world environments. Our work introduces new tools that span from theory to algorithms and that are extensively tested via hands-on implementation using a range of interesting machines such aerial robots, legged robots, and automated vehicles.

Core Faculty

Cooperating Faculty