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Intelligent Systems

Autonomous Robots and Control Systems (ARCS) Lab

We focus on Robotics, Control, Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Dynamical Systems.

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Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Lab

Research focuses on navigation, control and planning algorithms for autonomous vehicles.

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Smart Grid Innovation Laboratory Lab

Smart Grid Technologies

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Transportation Systems Research Group (TSR)

Focuses on system-level issues of multi-modal transportation including predicting air quality and energy impacts of various transportation activity as well as telematics research.

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Video Computing Group

Focuses on foundational principles of image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and visual learning; applications in cyber-physical, intelligent and autonomous systems.

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Visualization and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Undertakes research in computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, multimedia databases, robotics, man/machine interfaces, computer graphics and visualization.

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