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Fariborz Kargar Leads NSF Project on Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors

Dr. Fariborz Kargar, Research Engineer and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) will serve as Principle Investigator for the newly funded National Science Foundation (NSF) project on Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors. Dr. Alexander Balandin, Distinguished Professor of ECE and UC Presidential Chair Professor of Materials Science and Engineering will collaborate as a co-PI for this project. The $473,000 NSF award funds the research of a unique type of two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor materials with the goal of enabling novel device functionalities. The materials under study reveal an interplay of electronic and magnetic properties, which can be used in future technologies. The tunable properties of quasi-2D antiferromagnetic semiconductor materials as well as the possibility of electron and phonon engineering make these materials particularly relevant for applications in low-power ultra-fast electronic and spintronic devices. The team of two co-PIs together with their graduate students plan to use advanced optical characterization techniques, such as Brillouin-Mandelstam and micro-Raman spectroscopy, to investigate electrons, magnons, and phonons – elemental excitation that define electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties – in order to develop approaches for future device technologies.