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Xi Chen receives NSF CAREER award on heat transport mechanisms in magnetic materials

Assistant Professor Xi Chen receives National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for a project titled "CAREER: Understanding the Size Effects on Spin-mediated Thermal Transport in Nanostructured Quantum Magnets.”

Heat transport mediated by spin excitations (i.e., thermal excitations of electrons’ spin structure) provides a highly efficient mode of heat conduction in some magnetic materials. This spin-mediated heat conduction is promising for thermal management, energy conversion, and emerging quantum technologies. However, experimentally probing the microscopic heat transport processes by spin excitations has been challenging. The overarching goals of this project are to develop a fundamental understanding of the spin-mediated thermal transport mechanisms in magnetic materials and to educate the next generation of scientists in quantum science. Using a combination of advanced nanomaterial synthesis and nanoscale thermal characterization, this project seeks to reveal important length scales of spin-mediated heat transport. The knowledge gained will potentially enable the development of magnetic materials as effective heat transport channels for thermal management in microelectronic devices, as well as a data-bus for quantum science-based devices.

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