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Mihri Ozkan quoted in Fortune Magazine article

Nikola Motor founder and chairman Trevor Milton promises a cost of around $70 per kilowatt-hour of storage capacity, per an article recently published in the Fortune Magazine by David Morris. Milton did not reveal the details of planned battery technology.

Mihri Ozkan, an ECE professor and battery researcher at the University of California at Riverside, tells Fortune magazine that lithium-sulfur is likely the battery type in Electric-truck Nikola Motor, based on the company’s claims. Chris Robinson, an analyst with Lux Research, and James Frith, an analyst with the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance, also believe Nikola may be acquiring lithium-sulfur battery technology.

Mihri Ozkan also comments that these new battery chemistry efforts have yet to succeed, because of challenges including the safety and life span of lithium-sulfur batteries. Read the article here.