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Tseng and his student’s paper is chosen for IEEE Micro Top Picks 2020

The paper, Dynamic Multi-Resolution Data Storage, authored by UCR researchers, Yu-Ching Hu and Prof. Hung-Wei Tseng, and Tseng’s former students, Murtuza Lokhandwala and Te I, has been selected for IEEE Micro’s Top Picks from the 2020 Computer Architecture Conferences. Top Picks is an annual special edition of IEEE Micro magazine that acknowledges 10-12 most significant research papers across all of computer architecture conferences for all of 2019. The authors found a smarter use of in-storage processors and present a holistic system design to address the emerging I/O and data preprocessing bottleneck in modern heterogeneous computer architectures based on approximate hardware. Prior to the recognition from Micro Top Picks, the same project also received ACM/IEEE MICRO’s best paper honorable mention in 2019 and Facebook’s research award in 2018.