Courses Taught at University of California, Riverside, 2001- present:

*    EE 110A: Signals and Systems

*    EE 110B: Signals and Systems

Description: barbul1c   EE 141: Digital Signal Processing

Description: barbul1c   EE 175A/B: Senior Design

Description: barbul1c   EE 210: Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Description: barbul1c   EE 211: Adaptive Signal Processing

*    EE 226: Wireless Communications

*    EE 227: Spread Spectrum Communications

Description: barbul1c   EE 236: State and Parameter Estimation

Courses Taught at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, 1999-2000:

Description: barbul1c   ELEC 214 Communication Systems

Description: barbul1c   ELEC 544 Signal Detection and Estimation

Description: barbul1c   ELEC 691 Special Topics - Spectral Analysis

Courses Taught at University of Melbourne, Australia, 1990-1999:

Description: barbul1c  431-102 Computer Engineering

Description: barbul1c  431-302 Communications

Description: barbul1c  431-307/8 Laboratory 3A/B

Description: barbul1c  431-310 Electronic Signal Processing

Description: barbul1c  431-419 Digital Signal Processing

Description: barbul1c  431-413 Final Year Thesis

Description: barbul1c  431-414 Final Year Project

*    413-659 Advanced Topics of Signal Processing

Course Taught at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, 1987:

Description: barbul1c  Theory of Complex Analysis