Software Packages from VSCLAB


Attention: VLSI System and Computational LAB  at  UC Riverside and the Regents of University of California keep all the copyrights of the following programs. 


Please contact Sheldon Tan ( for any comment and bug report.



         GLU – GPU enabled parallel LU factorization solver package


o   More discussion on GLU solver can be found at GLU project.


*    Uimor Program  -- UC-Riverside Model Order Reduction Tool Suite


*   The ETBR -- Extended Truncated Balanced Realization (EBTR) , power grid solver.


o   More discussion on ETBR can be found at power grid analysis project.


*    ThermPOF and ThermSID -- Architecture level thermal modeling tools


*   SCAD3   -- Determinant Decision Diagram Based Symbolic Analysis tool


*  TMM – Thermal Moment Matching for fast thermal analysis


*  Sequence of Linear Algorithm for fast power grid sizing and optimization