Research Projects of VLSI System and Computation Lab (VSCLAB) at UC Riverside (2002 now)

In the past several years, the VSCLAB has focused on several important and emerging research areas shown below and made a number of contributions in each of the areas. Some of the projects have leaded to the CAD tools developed for free download (binary or source codes) to promote the research and technology transfer.


Current projects


         Dynamic thermal management for multi/many core 3D microprocessors new!

        Compact Thermal Modeling and Simulations, Software Thermal Sensor Techniques

        Statistical Characterization and Simulation of VLSI Circuits Considering Process Variations

         Parallel Computing and Simulation and of Nanometer VLSI Systems based on Multi/Many Core and GPU platforms

        Compact Modeling, Reduction and Simulation of Interconnect Parasitic Circuits


Past Projects

        Simulation and Optimization of On-Chip Power Delivery Networks and Clock Networks

        Symbolic Modeling and Analysis of Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits