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October 2012. Experiment on quantum feedback of Rabi oscillations featured in Nature News&Views:

Cruise control for a qubit

by Howard Wiseman

February 2012. Recently proposed experiment on entanglement preservation via uncollapsing featured in Nature Physics News&Views:

The Sleeping Beauty approach

by Alexander Korotkov

September-December 2011. Experiment on Quantum von Neumann computing archirecture selected in Physics World Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2011 (#9) and featured at IEEE Spectrum, Science perspectives, Forbes, Physics World, PhysOrg, ScienceDaily, etc.

June 2010. Experiment on first violation of Bell's inequality in time featured in Nature Physics News&Views:

No moon there

by Hans Mooij

See also press releases from IRAMIS and CEA

November 2008. Experiment on quantum uncollapsing featured in Physics Viewpoints:

Undoing a quantum measurement

by Christoph Bruder and Daniel Loss

See also articles in Science Daily, ScienceAGoGo, Thaindian News,, Univ. Rochester News, EScienceNews, Optics&Photonics Focus

July 2008. Quantum uncollapsing (experiment and theory) featured as a top story in Nature News:

Reincarnation can save Schroedinger's cat

Physicists reverse quantum-classical transition

by Zeeya Merali

May 2007. Undoing of a quantum measurement and partial-collapse measurement featured on the cover of New Scientist magazine:

Hello Kitty!

Curiosity doesn't have to kill the quantum cat, just be careful how you open the box

by Amanda Gefter

(with help from Prof. Andrew Jordan)

June 2006. Quantum behavior of a weak measurement and partial-collapse measurement featured in Editorials:

Measuring Single Qubits

by Miranda Marquit