Amit Roy-Chowdhury

Current Students

Nandita Nayak

Anirban Chakraborty

Katya Mkrtchyan

M S Ramya

Shu Zhang

Yingying Zhu

Abir Das

Elliot Staudt

Mahmudul Hasan


Niki Martinel
(University of Udine)


Former Students and Research Collaborators at UCR

  • Chong Ding (PhD 2013) - Currently at HRL Labs USA
    Thesis: Coordinated Sensing in Intelligent Camera Networks
  • Ahmed Tashrif Kamal (PhD 2013) - Currently at Imimtek Inc. USA
    Thesis:Information Weighted Consensus for Distributed Estimation in Vision Networks
  • Min Liu (PhD 2012) - Associate Prof. at Hunan University, China
    Thesis: Feature Extraction in Volumetric Bioimages
  • Antony Lam (PhD 2010) - Asst. Prof at Saitama University, Japan.
    Thesis: Learning Ranking Functions for Video Search on the Web (co-advised with Prof. C. Shelton)
  • Ricky Sethi (PhD 2009) - Asst. Prof. at Fitchburg State University
    Thesis: A Physics-Based Neurobiologically-Inspired Stochastic Framework for Activity Recognition
  • Bi Song (PhD 2009) - Currently at Sony Research USA
    Thesis: Scene Analysis, Control and Communication in Distributed Camera Networks
  • Yilei Xu (PhD 2008) - Currently at Nokia
    Thesis: A Theoretical Analysis of Image Appearance Models With Applications in Face Recognition
  • Utkarsh Gaur (MS 2010) - Currently at Bisque Lab, UCSB
    Thesis: Recognition of Multi-Object Interaction by Modeling Videos as Strings of Features
  • Ting Yeuh Jeng (MS 2009)
  • Cristian Soto (MS student 2007-2008)
  • Luis Gonzalez-Argueta (MS student 2007-2009)