New NSF grant on Smart and Autonomous Systems

3 Papers Accepted in ICCV 2017
  • Joint Prediction of Activity Labels and Starting Times in Untrimmed Videos
  • Exploiting Spatial Structure for Localizing Manipulated Image Regions
  • Weakly Supervised Summarization of Web Videos

  • 4 Papers Accepted in CVPR 2017
  • Unsupervised Adaptive Re-identification in Open World Dynamic Camera Networks
  • Collaborative Summarization of Topic-Related Videos
  • Non-Uniform Subset Selection for Active Learning in Structured Data
  • The Impact of Typicality for Informative Representative Selection

  • 4 Recent Papers in IEEE TPAMI
  • Distributed Multi-target Tracking and Data Association in Vision Networks
  • Network Consistent Data Association
  • Re-Identification in the Function Space of Feature Warps
  • Context-Aware Activity Modeling using Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields

  • 3 Recent Papers on Summarization in IEEE TIP and IEEE TMM
  • Diversity-aware Multi-Video Summarization
  • Multi-View Surveillance Video Summarization via Joint Embedding and Sparse Optimization
  • Context-Aware Video Summarization

  • New NSF CPS grant on Extracting Time-Critical Situational Awareness from Resource Constrained Networks