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NSF supports Prof. Tan’s collaborative research on variation-aware nanometer IC design

NSF supports Prof. Tan’s collaborative research on variation-aware nanometer....

Prof Sheldon TanEE Professor Sheldon Tan (PI) received a new three–year grant from National Science Foundation for collaborative research on verifying and designing nanometer silicon-based nanometer integrated computing and communication systems.  The NSF project is titled "IRES: Development of Global Scientists and Engineers by Collaborative Research on Variation-Aware Nanometer IC Design" with 150K for three years (OISE-1130402). Dr. Tan is the single PI for this award.

This grant will fund the collaborative research and education activities between the MSLAB Lab at UC Riverside and the Design Automation Lab (EDA) at Tsinghua University for three years. U.S. students and PI will spend some time in summer per year at the Tsinghua University, Beijing China.

U.S. students and researchers will work with counterparts in the Design Automation Lab. at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, to jointly attack the grand challenges of verifying and designing silicon-based nanometer VLSI systems. The collaborative research projects will focus on the efficient statistical full-chip power estimation considering process variations with spatial correlations and chip yield improvement techniques due to power and timing variations. U.S. students will jointly develop new statistical leakage powers, dynamic and total power estimation techniques and statistical chip yield optimization techniques for design and optimization of nanometer high performance integrated computing and communication systems.

The proposed collaborative educational and research activities will provide unique training, mentoring, networking and intellectual development opportunities for U.S. students. Such international engagement will benefit the students' entire careers and make them more competitive and competent later as scientists and engineers.

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