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UCR Ranked 8th among the Top 50 US Universities in Graphene Research

UCR Ranked 8th among the Top 50 US Universities in Graphene Research

Graphene ImageA recent study conducted by the researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) placed UCR number 8 among the top 50 US universities that conduct graphene related research. The only UC campus, which is ranked higher, is UC Berkeley. MIT is ranked number 7. In graphene research, UCR is ahead of Stanford, Princeton, Penn State, Harvard, Cornell, and all US national labs. UCR was positioned 22 among the top 50 research organizations in the world that conduct graphene related research. The first places, in this ranking, went to large organizations such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, French CNRS and Russian Academy of Sciences, which combine several major research institutions. In the world graphene research ranking, UCR is ahead of University of Tokyo, Peking University,Graphene Transistor University of Paris, etc. The ranking was based on the analysis of the number of original research publications on graphene in the archival technical journals traced by the Web of Science. The study also identified individual professors with significant published contributions to graphene research. According to the GIT study, the UCR ranking is due to the work of only two professors – electrical engineering professor A.A. Balandin and physics associate professor C.N. Lau.

The complete GIT report can be found here. The front-page image shows the graphene lattice while the photo shows the top-gate graphene transistor build in Balandin laboratory by the graduate student researcher Guanxiong Liu.

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