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MIT Technology Review and Other Media Highlighted the First Graphene Amplifier Demonstrated in Balandin Laboratory

MIT Technology Review and Other Media Highlighted the First Graphene Amplifier....

 The MIT Technology Review, Materials Today, Physics World, PhysOrg, NanoWerk and more than hundred other technical media sources highlighted the demonstration of the first triple-mode graphene amplifier carried out in Balandin lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering. The graphene circuit was designed in collaboration with researchers from Rice University, and built and tested in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) of professor Balandin. The UCR – Rice team, led by professor Balandin, has shown experimentally that by leveraging the ambipolarity of charge transport in graphene, the amplifier can be configured in the common-source, common-drain, or frequency multiplication mode of operation by simply changing the gate bias.  This work proved that the graphene circuit can realize the modulation necessary for phase shift keying and frequency shift keying, which are widely used in wireless applications such as Bluetooth, RFID, and ZigBee. MIT Technology Review highlighted this demonstration on its front page. Materials Today and other media described it as a major breakthrough, marking the transition from individual graphene devices to fully functioning circuits. The news about the first graphene circuit was also featured at UCR web-site’s front page.

The photo shows an electrical engineering doctoral candidate Guanxiong Liu and a professor Alexander Balandin with the circuit, in front of the testing set-up in NDL. The scanning electron microscopy image is the device with graphene current channel (seen as horizontal “ribbon”).
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