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EE Student Receives SRC Inventor Award

EE Student Receives SRC Inventor Award

ElectriSuchismita Ghosh with her award certificate in front of Nano-Device Laboratory cal Engineering PhD candidate Suchismita Ghosh received an Inventor Recognition Award from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). The annual inventor awards, which include a certificate and a prize, were announced this year at the TECHCON conference in Austin, Texas. Suchismita was honored for co-invention, with Professor Alexander Balandin and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Dmitri Kotchetkov, of the graphene lateral heat spreaders for electronic chips. Graphene is a recently exfoliated carbon material, with the thickness of just one atomic layer, which reveals many unique properties. Graphene’s extremely high thermal conductivity was discovered in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) at UCR. This thermal property makes graphene suitable for heat removal applications and interconnects in the advanced electronic chips. SRC is the world’s premier university-based research consortium operating multiple research programs focused on future electronic technologies. SRC sponsored this invention, which was made in the framework of the projects carried out by the Functional Engineered Nano Architectonics (FENA) Center. Suchismita has already accepted an offer from Intel Corporation and after her PhD defense will continue her research and development work in Hillsboro, Oregon.


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