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IEEE Spectrum features research at UCR Electrical Engineering

IEEE Spectrum features research at UCR Electrical Engineering

IEEE SpectrumIEEE Spectrum magazine, the main publication of the largest international engineering society, highlighted research conducted at UCR’s Department of Electrical Engineering in its full-length feature story and the journal’s front matter. IEEE Spectrum invited Professor Alexander Balandin to write a full-length review about a recent discovery of graphene’s unique thermal conductivity and the prospects of graphene materials and phonon engineering for cooling of the next generation of computer chips. The feature article entitled “Chill Out: New Materials and Designs Keep the Chips Cool” appeared in Spectrum’s October issue and on its on-line version. The heat removal from electronic chips became a major hurdle in continuing downscaling of electronic devices and performance improveGraphene Figurement of computers. A shift to multi-core architectures in computer chips represents just one example of the seriousness of thermal management issues. Increasing power densities in the localized hot spots inside the chips call for new approaches of heat removal implemented at the materials and devices level, which is a conceptual change from the post-chip-design thermal management at the system level. Some of the new approaches to thermal management are described in the invited review, which is available from either IEEE Spectrum or Professor Balandin’s Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) web-sites. Figures below show IEEE Spectrum artistic rendering of the graphene heat spreaders and illustration of the first measurement of graphene’s thermal conductivity carried out at Balandin Laboratory.

Graphene Figure 2

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