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NSF sponsoring International Workshops on Emerging Circuits and Systems

NSF sponsoring International Workshops on Emerging Circuits and Systems

Professor Sheldon Tan (PI) and Professor Albert Wang (co-PI) received two-year grant from National Science Foundation to organize a new international symposium series on advanced VLSI research entitled "International Workshops on Emerging Circuits and Systems", which provides a small-scale interactive forum for leading researchers and students around the world to share their recent research discoveries.

This award supports the participation of American researchers, industry experts and graduate students in a series of international workshops. The workshops provide a forum for researchers from industry and academia where the latest results can be presented and ideas exchanged between those working on different approaches for designing emerging circuits and systems such as resilient, multicore and configurable integrated systems, and parallel computing design tool and methodologies. The workshops will help to promote the research works done at the two PIs' Labs at UC Riverside and they will also help PIs to build more research collaborations with other leading researchers in the world.

The first of such workshop series, the first International Workshop on Emerging Circuits and Systems (IWECS'09), was successfully held from July 6-7 in Fudan University at Shanghai. As the chair of the workshop organizing committee, Prof. Tan delivered the opening speech for the workshop and presented a talk on recent study on architecture thermal modeling for multi-core microprocessors.
The workshop attracted many top-notch researchers from the world and many senior executives from local semiconductor and EDA industries (Cadence, SMIC, CEC Huada) in China. The two day workshop consists of 17 invited presentations, and 2 social events. It provided a unique forum for researchers and industry participants for networking, forging new collaborations and predicting future research opportunities. In addition to NSF, IWECS-09 was also co-sponsored by ASIC & System State-Key Lab of Fudan University, Shanghai, China, and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

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