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EE Faculty receive grant for research in camera network control and information fusion

EE Faculty receive grant for research in camera network control and information....

Professors Roy-Chowdhury and FarrellEE professors Amit Roy-Chowdhury and Jay Farrell have received a three-year grant from ONR for research in control and information fusion in sensor networks consisting of video cameras, augmented with other sensors (e.g., audio).

The research focuses on applications where events unfold over a large geographic area and need to be analyzed by a large number of cameras. No central processor accumulates and analyzes all of the data; processing power is distributed across the cameras so that each of them can behave as an independent, yet rational, decision-maker. Efficient usage of available resources calls for actively controlling the cameras based on analysis of the sensed data. This control cannot be based on separate analysis of the sensed video in each camera - they must act collaboratively with one another and the other sensors to fulfill the overall mission of the deployed network.

This research will look at innovative new applications of game theory and consensus algorithms that will enable distributed cameras to operate cooperatively, without the communication and computational demands involved in using a central controller. The project directly addresses the Navy’s high-priority objective of understanding the information content derived from observations of networks and sub-networks of sensors of varied configuration and modality.

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