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Undergrad and robot to compete in Tokyo

Undergrad and robot to compete in Tokyo

Alex EisnerAlex Eisner, a third-year Computer Engineering student, leaves tomorrow for Tokyo to take part in an international Sumo Robot competition. Earlier this month he qualified at a San Francisco competition to be one of two who would get a plane ticket to participate in the All-Japan 3kg Sumo Tournament on Dec. 21. Fujisoft Inc., a company that provides Information Technology (IT) solutions and services, provided his ticket.

Eisner and his robot "Minute Man" will compete against other robots within a steel ring about three feet in diameter. The object is to push an opponent out of the ring. The match lasts three minutes, which includes up to three rounds. The first machine to take two rounds wins. Unless a robot touches the safety zone outside the ring, it can fall over, tip over or hang off the ring without losing the match -- it is allowed to get up by itself.

Last year Eisner was a member of the BCOE team invited to travel to Taiwan in October to compete in the annual MicroMouse Robotics competition at the University of South Taiwan. This was the first time a UCR robot team had been invited to compete internationally, and the group picked up several strategies and solutions from conversations with and observation of other competitors. Eisner's experience last year in Taiwan should prove helpful this year in the Tokyo competition. 

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