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Balandin group becomes part of DARPA - SRC Interconnect Focus Center

Balandin group becomes part of DARPA - SRC Interconnect Focus Center

NDL Research GroupProfessor Balandin and his Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL) research group became part of the multi-university Interconnect Focus Center (IFC). IFC is one of five national research centered founded by the Focus Center Research Program, which is a cooperative program sponsored by U.S. industry and the federal government in order to maintain the historic productivity growth of semiconductor technology. IFC is led by Georgia Institute of Technology and includes researchers from MIT, Stanford, UC – Berkeley, Caltech, Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY – Albany, and now, with invitation of Professor Balandin, UC – Riverside. The multi-million dollar IFC was founded to conduct research in all aspects of the wiring that connect the millions of transistors on a microchip, from process to system-level architecture. The research focus in the IFC is to discover and invent electrical, optical and thermal interconnect solutions that enable hyper-integration of heterogeneous components. The approach is to capitalize on the enormous amount of research being conducted in nanoscience and technology to develop novel high conductance electrical interconnects to replace copper. Balandin group brings to IFC its unique expertise in nanofabrication of graphene interconnects and utilization of graphene layers for heat removal. Earlier this year Balandin group discovered superior thermal properties of graphene and succeeded in demonstration of the high-temperature operation of graphene interconnects. Photo: members of NDL research group, 2008.

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