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Haddon and Khizroev join MRSEC team

Haddon and Khizroev join MRSEC team

Professors Haddon and KhizroevMaterials research at Bourns College of Engineering has moved into the fast lane with the inclusion of two departments in a major new research center at Georgia Institute of Technology which is focused on the use of epitaxial graphene as an electronic material. Chemical and Environmental Engineering Distinguished Professor Robert Haddon (l.) and Electrical Engineering Associate Professor Sakhrat Khizroev (r.) were named senior investigators as part of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) team at Georgia Tech, funded by the National Science Foundation. To date, $1.35 million has been awarded to the six-year project.

UCR joins UC Berkeley and Alabama A&M as senior academic partners. Several national labs, international partners and corporations including Intel and IBM will participate in the work.

The Center addresses the need for new electronic materials and associated processes for applications in microelectronics, optics and sensors. Participation of Haddon’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering brings unparalleled expertise in carbon nanotube and graphene chemistry. Dr Khizroev’s interrelated project area is studying patterning, prototype devices and integration.

The MRSEC, led by Principal Investigator Walt DeHeer, has established extensive collaborations with corporations, national laboratories and universities world-wide. Research on materials growth methods, electrical, chemical and physical characterization, pattern generation, device fabrication, and theory/modeling ensure holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to the development and investigation of novel materials and devices for use in a variety of applications.


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