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PhD Graduate Student Robert Fernandez Wins Prestigious Winter School Award in Taiwan

PhD Graduate Student Robert Fernandez Wins Prestigious Winter School Award in....
Ph.D. Graduate Student Robert Fernandez in the Professor Khizroev group won a highly selective award to attend the prestigious International Winter School “Beyond Moore’s Law,” Kenting, Taiwan, January 7-11, 2008. Recognizing the inevitability of the ultimate limit to the "downsizing" of Si feature size within the next 5 to 10 years (or the end of "Moore's Law"), as well as the ever-increasing need for denser, faster and less dissipative logic, memory and sensors, this school will examine several promising new nanoelectronic technologies that appear to respond to this need. To this end, the sponsoring agencies from Korea, Taiwan and the US have assembled an international group of distinguished lecturers who will provide guidance through formal lectures, as well as via informal workshops in which the attendees can ask questions and interact with those same lecturers. It is hoped that the school will help guide the selected attendees to follow careers in these emerging research areas and to become future leaders in advancing the field of information technology. The school also may help in establishing relations between young scientists from other countries, relations that it is hoped may lead to future international collaboration. 
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