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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering highlights Fonoberov-Balandin research result highlights Fonoberov-Balandin research result
The research paper published by Electrical Engineering Professor Alexander Balandin and Postdoctoral Researcher Vladimir Fonoberov in November issue of the Nano Letters on the new method of the electron mobility enhancement has been highlighted at the premier scientific news web-site in a feature “For Better Nanowires, Just Add Diamond.”  The research was also spotlighted at another news site

Electron mobility is an important parameter, which defines how well electrons can move within a semiconductor in response to the applied electric field. Mobility affects the current drive and speed of electronic devices. The theoretical results obtained by Fonoberov and Balandin show that electron mobility in silicon nanowires can be enhanced by surrounding the nanowire by the acoustically hard material, such as diamond, which suppresses the electron scattering by lattice vibrations (phonons). The new “phonon engineering” method of the mobility enhancement offers an extra benefit of improved heat removal. Preliminary experimental work carried in Balandin group by Postdoctoral Researcher Weili Liu and PhD students Manu Shamsa and Irene Calizo (reported in recent Applied Physics Letters), indicates that diamond can be substituted with less technologically demanding polycrystalline diamond, which has the required hardness and good thermal conductivity.

Photo: Dr. Vladimir Fonoberov and Prof. Alexander Balandin in the Nano-Device Laboratory (NDL)
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