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IEEE team wins Micromouse and paper contests

IEEE team wins Micromouse and paper contests
IEEE-UCR swept two student competitions at the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Southern Area meeting on Saturday, April 1. Bourns College of Engineering IEEE chapter members turned out in force, nearly all wearing their t-shirts, and were commended by the section and the region for being such an active and enthusiastic student branch. In the Micromouse competition, both UCR teams placed in the top three. Team "F1 Mouse," consisting of Henry Chen, Matthew Peterson and Anh Vu, placed first with a time of 1:29 seconds to solve the maze, the only mouse to successfully complete the course. UCR's other micromouse team, Min-Yen Eric Tsai and Stephen Sin, placed third, navigating over 50 squares on the maze. In the paper contest, Megan Nix placed first for her presentation about her metal oxide sensor research for the ENose project at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) last summer. The winners will progress to the regional competitions in the fall, and will represent the Southern Area (Southern California from San Luis Obispo down to Orange County). Megan Nix, in red jacket, is pictured with members of the Micromouse team.
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