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Colloquium Speaker: Professor Pradeep Sen presents a talk on "Computing Realistic Images of the World Around Us"

Colloquium Speaker: Professor Pradeep Sen presents a talk on "Computing Realistic....

Colloquium Speaker: Professor Pradeep Sen presents a talk on "Computing Realistic Images of the World Around Us"

January 30, 2017 - 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall, 205/206


Humans are visual creatures, and so the ability to reproduce accurate images of the world around us is an important problem. In this talk, I will discuss some of our work to address this problem in two very different areas.

First, we examine the problem of photorealistic image synthesis, which involves the generation of an image from a scene description. The most powerful methods for this are based on Monte Carlo (MC) algorithms, but they are plagued by noise at low sampling rates which makes them impractical for many applications and has limited their use. We propose several post-process, image-space denoising methods we have developed to remove Monte Carlo noise but preserve scene detail. Such algorithms are now used in modern production environments.

Second, I discuss novel algorithms for high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. Although the world has high dynamic range illumination (meaning that the darkest and brightest parts of a scene differ in intensity by many orders of magnitude), conventional digital cameras only capture a narrow portion of this range. A common way to capture HDR images with a conventional camera is to take a set of images at different exposures and then merge them together. This works well for static scenes, but produces visible ghosting artifacts for scenes with motion. In the second half of my talk, I present a new way to think about the problem of reconstructing HDR images from a set of inputs based on a new optimization that minimizes what we call the HDR image synthesis equation. Using this framework, we show that we can produce results superior to previous techniques for HDR imaging and show how we can extend it to video.


Dr. Pradeep Sen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his B.S. from Purdue University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. His core research is in the areas of computer graphics, computational image processing, and computer vision. He is the co-author of eight ACM SIGGRAPH papers and is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award.

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