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Undergraduate Courses

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  •  -------Course Title Not Found
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  • EE 001A--Engineering Circuit Analysis I
  • EE 001B--Engineering Circuit Analysis II
  • EE 010---Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • EE 100A--Electric Circuits
  • ENGR 108-Technology in Pre-Modern Civilizations
  • EE 110A--Signals and Systems
  • EE 115---Intro to Communication Systems
  • EE 120A--Logic Design
  • EE 128*--Data Acquis., Instrum., and Process Control
  • EE 133*--Solid-State Electronics
  • MSE 138--Course Title Not Found
  • EE 139*--Magnetic Materials
  • EE 141---Digital Signal Processing
  • EE 152---Image Processing
  • EE 155*--Power System Analysis
  • ENGR 160*-Introduction to Engineering Optimization Techniques
  • EE 175A--Senior Design Project
  • EE 175A--Senior Design Project
  • EE 175A--Senior Design Project
Graduate Courses

Current Offering


  • EE 201---Applied Quantum Mechanics
  • CS 203---Course Title Not Found
  • EE 204---Advanced Electromagnetics
  • EE 213---Computer-Aided Electronic Circuit Simulation
  • EE 215---Stochastic Processes
  • EE 217---GPU Architecture and Parallel Programming
  • EE 230---Mathematical Methods for Electrical Engineers
  • EE 235---Linear Systems Theory

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